5 Ways to Style Your T-shirt: Ladies Edition

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5 Ways to Style Your T-shirt: Ladies Edition

 Hey Clutch Peeps,

Our passion for t-shirts has lead to new discoveries on how to turn a simple t-shirt into a statement: a unique and sometimes crazy expression of who you are as an individual. For us, no t-shirt is the same because it depends on who is wearing it, after all...we believe you are what you wear! The statement we make through our clothing is not only based on what you wear, but how you wear it!

So, whether v-neck or crew neck, short sleeve or tank, we’ve learned to dress up the every day tee from a laid back Netflix binge watching look to a night out the town type look.

We’ve decided to pass on some of this knowledge to you…because that’s the Clutch thing to do.

 Here are our 5 Ways to Rock Your Tee:

  1. As Is...No adjustments necessary!

Just leave it alone. How you bought it is how you rock it. This is the no frills, no change, ‘just put it on and go’, way of rocking your t-shirt. v-neck or crew neck.  Put it over your head, and voila there you go. Let your personality do the rest. While this T-shirt style may be basic, you certainly are not.


  1. Off the Shoulder

For this one you may need some scissors, but even if you can’t cut straight, that can work in your favor which is why this is definitely one of our favs. Grab a tee but make sure it is a looser fit and cut from one shoulder to the next in a wide arch. This will create a much larger neck allowing for much more skin to be shown. Rock a cool color tank and let the straps show, or go strapless.  Either tilt the tee to one side and show off one shoulder, or center it, and show off both creamy shoulders. If you're looking for the easy to do, sexy look, then the off the shoulder is the look for you


  1. 3. Suited Up!

Still want to look like you have a job on casual Friday or going to a mixer after work? We got something for the all boss ladies, to take you from your important client meeting to happy hour at your favourite local bar.

Here’s how: Tuck your v-neck or crew neck t-shirt into a suit skirt or pant, or even skinny jeans/leather pants and finish it off with a nice fitted matching suit blazer, or color block it with a brightly color fitted blazer. You can also let the tshirt hang loose depending on the style of the t-shirt. Add a sexy pair of heels/boots and some fantastic accessories like an awesome clutch or bracelet and go off to seize the day, just like how our good friend Lisa styled her T-DOT t-shirt with a classy blazer!


  1. Don’t Try and Skirt Around It, Be Bright, Bold and Fabulous!

Twirl on! Tuck your v-neck or crew neck tee into a fitted, maxi or tulle skirt. Then rock a short waisted jean jacket over top for maximum effect.

We embrace outward expressions of awesomeness even if it can get outrageous. This look was perfect for when Clutch Life 85 ran in the zany Color Me Rad 5k run. After a 5k run,  was definitely one of those b*tch don’t kill my vibe type looks. Twirl and sashay on!


  1. Sleeveless

 This look is pretty easy to recreate…and all you need is scissors (by the time you get to this look, you will be a natural Edward scissor-hands).

Cut the sleeves off, in a deep cut, almost to the waist area so that there’s a big wide long under arm area. Underneath your homemade wide sleeve tank, rock a tube top. Pair it with a funky pair of boy jeans or skinnys and a cool set of accessories including a cool hat to complete the look. Check out our amazing sister and friend, Funke, who flawlessly rocked on of our tees with style to our Launch Party in October 2014. Keep on the lookout for more of our events. Slay on soul sister, slay on!

With so many new ways to express your unique sense of style, it’s all about being fearless and confident. And if you're feeling stuck on ideas, there's always Google!

Don’t be afraid to step outside the box, and try different ways to rock your Clutch Life 85 tee. Cut it up, tie it up, tuck it in, leave it out…whatever you do, and however you wear it…make sure it’s representing who you are to the fullest, whatever the occasion! After all, that’s part of what being Clutch is all about…representing who you are… and staying clutch all day, everyday…we just help you look good while doing it!

We will continue to share new discoveries we stumble upon with our Clutch Peeps so keep up with our blog for updates!

Stay Clutch!

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