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It's time to recap my Beast Mode 2018 experience. This time, it was more memorable and more challenging then the previous 3 times I did the challenge (yes, I’ve survived this challenge 3 times).

For those of you who don't know, the #BeastModeChallenge is one where you MUST exercise every day for 8 weeks straight. Yes, that means getting your ass in the gym, or (doing) some (type of) physical activity like an ab workout, running, jogging or walking for 56 days straight. No breaks, no days off, just straight BEAST MODE! Below is a breakdown of what it takes to survive:

Week 1 -I started the #8weeksofbeastmode challenge on March 1st, 2018! I The weather was getting warmer and I wanted to get myself in a routine to achieving that Summer Body. The first day is always great!  I was energized, and excited to show everyone that I was back in the gym for BeastMode. I had no real work out plan so I freestyled the majority of my workouts the first week. My goal was to establish a routine and challenge myself to try different things. To be honest, cardio in the gym is something I just DIDN’T do! At first, it felt weird but by Week 3, I was starting every workout with some type of cardio either on the Bike, Treadmill or occasionally the Stairmaster (Lord how I hate that thing). Luckily, my clutch brother Toro, who has been in the gym consistently for 2 years came to work out with me during the first week which really set the tone. Let’s hear his take on the Beast Mode Challenge:

“My experience taking on the beastmode challenge was very intense yet rewarding. I had set many goals for myself to accomplish, but the main one was to surpass my previous consecutive streak of 30 days. Being able to complete 8 straight weeks allowed me to strengthen myself physically. (I can now bench press 275 from 225 when I first started the challenge, and maintained my work and personal life. Another goal of mine was to also push my limits mentally to see if I was capable of executing any form of physical activity in that time frame. The beastmode challenge had got me excited to workout daily which always isn’t a feeling I come across. I would like to congratulate Clutchlife85 for putting on this challenge and I could definitely see myself participating in another one in the future!”  - Toro Agbaje


For me, it was awesome to see him join because he is already an avid gym goer, and even he found it super challenging to go to the gym more than 30 days straight! This is why it’s  called a “challenge” because whether you are a gym rat or not, consistency is one of the hardest things to master.

Week 2: I had to balance out my gym days with other physical activities. Luckily, I found a basketball pick-up run in my area. Let me tell you, those runs were a lifesaver but the first game back…I was strugg-a-ling. I was extremely tired, dehydrated, and I even started to cramp up. On a positive note, I was able to get my cardio in via the sport I love, and it was the perfect release on Wednesday nights. Not to mention, my jumper is NICE fam! (splizzash).

Week 3: Shout out to my boy, Lenny! He showed me how to properly do some exercises by focusing my mind on the muscle and getting my form right. This helps to build the muscle and prevents injury. He helped me perfect my form on some pull exercises and I use many of his lessons during my workouts now. Form is more important than how much weight you are lifting. Not targeting the right muscles can be a complete waste.

Week 4: I was super proud of myself and well into my routine. I still wasn’t happy about leg day but I knew it needed to be done. The best thing about getting to this point was knowing that I had been to the gym for 30+ days and I could see the results. I felt strong, was lifting heavier, doing cardio for a few minutes longer and I started to look for alternative ways to challenge myself.

Week 5: So speaking of challenges, my homey Chris who is basically an amateur Boxer (I call him Rocky) invited me out to a Boxing Class at Fit Factory. No lie, I was nervous but excited at the same time. It was at 8am so of course I showed up late (cus that's how Scarborough people do) and luckily they still let me in! The class was very challenging as the instructor mixed in burpees in between our punch sets.  What started off has a 2 punch combo turned into an 8 punch killer instinct ultra combo which I had a tough time memorizing.

Luckily, I had the pro Chris to teach me how to throw the jabs, crosses and hooks correctly and added some extra value to the class. I was sweating buckets at the end of the class but that’s what it is all about! Getting it in and working hard! I am thinking about auditioning for Creed 3!

Week 6: Now, this is the week where the routine felt mundane and my motivation was at its lowest. I really tried to keep it interesting so I mixed my workouts with long jogs and short but intense workouts. I had a chance to travel to Banff, Alberta for my sister’s birthday so the change of scenery was exactly what I needed to keep myself motivated. I wasn’t going to use my trip as an excuse to take a day off and luckily the hotel was equipped with a pretty nice gym. Not only that, I weaseled in a free week trial at the local Good Life and got to go on the “ice walk” at Johnston Canyon. The whole point was to make no excuses so I used the opportunity to power up on my workouts.

Week 7: After getting through Week 6, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and wanted to make my final push. The great thing about this journey was the amazing people that decided to sign-up and go Beast Mode with me. Check out one of my fellow Beast Moders, Kamshuka and her experience:

Challenge Accepted.

As a woman who moves with a Warrior mindset it’s imperative that I am constantly challenged by those in my circle. I wasn’t going to officially accept this challenge because accountability comes with it & I didn’t think I had the time to allocate between my businesses, raise kids & being a mentor. I’ve always enjoyed being fit, staying healthy, and I was comfortable with my 3 day a week no pressure workout. But, the reality of what my health required wasn’t matching up.  I had spent most of 2017 traveling on my book tour for work as a speaker & neglected my health. Entertaining, headaches, blurred vision, no energy & fatigue wasn’t my version of a woman who is a Warrior. I accepted the challenge & it literally changed me. It was hard going from 3 days to 7 days, creating accountability posts for social media & always checking in. The first week I felt strong, but there after I wanted to give up everyday. Having people who are like-minded around me really helped, from encouraging voice notes to a comment… just reminded me why I started. By week 4, I started to realize the shift in my mindset from hustle mode to beastmode. I began to apply this into other areas of my life & thinking. 

This statement became more real to me: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”. 

As I reflected on what kept me going, I realized that anything you put your will power behind is attainable, you just have to: 

1️.  Stay Committed.

2.  Stay Consistent. 

3️. Choose you DAILY. 

Often we are prisoners of our minds within the limits we set for ourselves.  The fear of failing kept me from originally saying yes but it’s when I realized that fear is fuel.  That’s when I embraced the thought that I couldn’t fail myself & I had to keep going. 

A challenge is only POWERFUL when it’s passed on. As I approached Day 56, I was speaking at the medium security Beaver Creek Institution &  found myself challenging the inmates to look past their immediate circumstances. I challenged them to create a space in their minds that could nurture their future. I spoke only of what I knew to be true. I motivated them to not limit themselves, not allow their minds to be their limit, & to trust in their abilities. 

Truth is: You’re only limit is in your mind. Get past it. Challenge yourself & watch yourself grow through it. - Kamshuka


WEEK 8: My last week was not easy but I was super motivated because I had already made it through 49 days working out and I wasn’t going to let 7 measly days stop me. At the end of it all, I could squat about 190lbs, up from 150, and bench about 140, up from 110 at the start. Not bad for a skinny dude! I put on some good weight, started at about 178 and finished at 185lbs. The only downfall was my diet which wasn't super healthy. What was helpful was this custom meal plan my awesome sister Shola. Check out her Health and Wellness blog called StudiesSho for great health tips. 

My last exercises were long jogs in Florida and it was one of the best feelings in the world. While I was running, a stranger called me "Rambo" as I passed by; probably because they saw the GAINZ! I did what I needed to do during the 8 weeks, stayed as consistent as I could and gave it my very best. 8 Weeks of Beast Mode ain’t no joke, but we made it!

In conclusion, I completed the challenge on April 31st and I was proud to know that I did something not everyone can do. As I stated earlier, managing my time for all the things and people in my life was a challenge in itself. But if you set your mind to it, it can be done. My boy, Toro did it with a full-time job with shifts that change every once in a while. Not to mention, balancing providing for his family and preparing for the birth of their child was not easy but he made the commitment and is still going strong. Kamshuka, being an author, speaker and photographer with a whole list of engagements and a family of tiny warriors to take care of, made the commitment and got through it.  Also, shout outs to Matthew and Ana who joined the challenge and made the effort to get better and stronger! Beast Mode is not just about physical fitness, it is mental, emotional and spiritual. Beast Mode is not just for the gym but can be applied the way you operate your home, your business, and your personal life. It is consistency, prioritizing what is important, and working daily to achieve it. This is what the Clutch Life is about, achieving your dreams no matter what the odds. Thanks to every single person who followed my stories, cheered me on and gave me the motivation I needed.  It’s never too late to start your own Beast Mode Challenge whether it is with fitness or something you always wanted to do but couldn’t. Make your own version, put it out to the world, hold yourself accountable and who knows how many people will be inspired. You will never know unless you try. There's a pretty decent physical difference between Day 1 & Day 56 so I am proud of my progress but I still have a long way to go. Until next time, clutch peeps, stay Clutch and GO BEAST MODE!

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