Truro Victorias Jersey Hoodie

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The latest addition to the Hidden History collection! The Truro Victorias were a dominant CHL team and we are here to let their legacy live on.

Historical Significance

In the early 1900s, the Colored Hockey League thrived as an all-Black Canadian ice hockey league based in the Maritimes which brought innovation, a new play style, and passion to the game. The Truro Victorias were just one of the teams that showcased their skill on the ice, despite racial discrimination that subjected them to poorer playing conditions. Through this custom-designed modern-day twist on the team logo and blended jersey hoodie apparel, we are paying tribute to the players, coaches, founders, and innovators that deserve further recognition and respect.

Be the first to wear a piece of our history.


*Customizations Available for Name & Number Only - email to confirm custom jersey quote - pricing will differ*

Product Details

  • High Quality Embroidered Custom Truro Victorias Logo
  • 100% Polyester Fleece Hoodie, Oversized for comfortable fit
  • Laced Front Neckline 
  • Clutch Life 85 Authentic patch
  • Truro Coat of Arms Shoulder Patch (Left)
  • Pan African Canadian Flag Patch (Right)
  • Silver & Navy