Summer 2017 LookBook

It's officially SUMMER and the weather is not the only thing that will be on fire! This year, we are doing things a bit different. For our Summer 2017 Lookbook,  we take a deeper dive into what  Clutch Life 85 is all about and the inspiration behind the amazing t-shirt designs. There is meaning and creativity behind each t-shirt and we want to share that with you, in hopes to stimulate your own unique sense of creativity and inspire you to "Be Clutch In Real Life". Hope you enjoy!

Creative Director: Jenyo Aladejebi @clutchlife85
Primary Photographer: Kamshuka Photography by Award Winning Best Black Canadian Photographer & Speaker: Kamshuka
Featured Photographers: Josh ReynoldsP Perfect
Models: Jenyo Aladejebi, Jes Perez, Mukesh Ramdharri
Accessories: Subtle Expressions
Designs Featured: Clutch Original, TDOT Hoodie, Clutch Your Dreams, Take the Crown, Beast Mode 2.0, 85 Scoop, Born Ready
Locations: Toronto, ON & Bronx, NY


Design Featured: Clutch Original (Scoop T-shirt)

Photo Cred: @kamshukaphotography

Who's The Boss? Take notes from Brooklyn native, Jes Perez, radio personality and founder of Industry High LLC.

Location: Bronx, NY

Photographer: @p_perfect88

Design Featured: Clutch Original Crewneck

PR: @visions2lifeevents

Model: @itsjesperez


 T-DOT or The 6? Original or Trendy? You Decide! But we are preserving the essence of Toronto by repping the Original Nickname for the City! T-DOT is all we know!

Photo Cred: @kamshukaphotography

Design Featured: TDOT Hoodie (Metallic Gold)

Photo Cred: Josh Reynolds @josh.__.reynolds

Model: Mukesh Ramdharri @mukesh._

Location: Toronto, ON & Huntley St.


Design Featured: ShowTime

Photo Cred: @kamshukaphotography

Clutch Life 85 Show Time T-shirt


Some are Dream Chasers, but we are the Dream Catchers! Don't stop until all your dreams are within your grasp! 

Design Featured: Clutch Your Dreams

Photo Cred: @kamshukaphotography

 Design Featured: 85 Scoop 

Photo Cred: @kamshukaphotography

Design Featured: Take the Crown Crewneck

Photo Cred: @kamshukaphotography


Your mind is your strongest muscle and when you use that to the fullest, your body and spirit can be transformed in ways you couldn’t imagine. This design inspires you to go Beast Mode in everything you do, whether you are at the gym or you are pursuing your passions!


Design Featured: Beast Mode 2.0

Photo Cred: @kamshukaphotography


A lifestyle is a way of living, but you don’t want just any ordinary life. The Clutch Life is for those who love a plethora of things whether it is music, dance, literature, sports, travel or fashion. So, your sense of Style, should reflect that Life! Get it? What lifestyle are you living? #theclutchlife

Design Featured: Born Ready

Photo Cred: @kamshukaphotography


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