The Story


What do you think when you hear the word “clutch”? Do you think of Jordan's game winner in Game 7 of the 1998 NBA Finals or maybe Joe Carter's walk off homer in Game 6 of 1993 MLB Finals? Now picture yourself in that moment! Final game, dying seconds, down 1, ball in your hands, the game, your team, your rep, your career on the line…are you willing to take the game winning shot? It is that moment where you cross over from an average person to a Born Winner, a person destined to succeed no matter what. Clutch Life 85 is about all those moments that occur in everyday life where the odds are stacked against us, but we choose to step up each and every time. Clutch Life 85 represents the idea of winning in every aspect of life no matter what odds are in order to achieve your dreams while staying true to who you really are. That is why we believe that You Are What You Wear, meaning everything we put on our bodies is as valuable as what we put in and we should wear clothes that reflect our dreams, aspirations, motivation and our passions without us having to utter a word.

Our collections are comprised of all the different aspects of what living the "Clutch Life" is all about. From repping the beautiful city of Toronto, showing the pride for our native country and embracing the Born Winner inside you, our designs represent all the little things that make us into the unique and awesome individuals that we are. We hope that through our t-shirts, you will be a little inspired to live your best life and embrace who you really are. Thank you for your support!

Stay Clutch,

Jenyo Aladejebi (Founder)







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