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Self-Care is MAN-DATORY! This past year, we have prioritized the message of Self-Care for Men because let's be honest, men do not prioritize "self-care" enough! Now despite its advantages, it is hard to be a man and the pressures of life can weigh a ton on our mind, body and spirit! The only way you can operate as your authentic self - is to take care of the person that matters most - YOU! 

This Holiday Season, our gift to you is an intentional bundle of products that will give your style a much needed upgrade and your beard the much needed TLC it deserves. For this we have partnered with Maneuver Men's Grooming who offer a wide range of product dedicated to changing the way men perceive self-care, grooming and mental health. The goal is to remove the stigmas that have plagued men throughout society, remove toxic masculinity, and encourage vulnerability through a dedicate regiment that goes beyond looks and into how we as men show up in our communities. This package is for those who are not new to the grooming game but want to level up in a serious way - you were a starter last year but now you want to transform into a SUPERSTAR...and as always, we must come through in the "clutch". Our Self-Care SuperStar Bundle includes 5 products:

  • Clutch Varsity Jogging Suit (Black or Grey)
  • Maneuver Grooming Bay Rum Beard Oil
  • Maneuver Watermelon Beard Wash
  • Maneuver Coconut Beard Butter
  • Maneuver Mango Beard Softener

This will take your beard from ashy to classy along with a full jogging suit to keep you looking and feeling fresh - we dare you to buy the grey jogging suit :)

If you are just getting started on our self-care journey, then you can always check out our Starter Bundle to kick things off.

This bundle includes 1 jogging suit (hoodie + pants), 1 Beard Oil, 1 Beard Butter, 1 Beard softener and 1 Beard Wash. 

Limited Pre-Order Stock - Order before December 18 to ensure arrival before Christmas Day